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Reflections about the overflow into our lives from the work we do with Justice247 & whats changed as we learn to live missional in the here & now.

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Answering the Groan in our Generation- Romans 8:19

Since moving to charlotte 4 yrs ago my wife(Rebecca) and I(Carl) have worked as wilderness instructors for a company(2) that serves adolescent(10-17) and their families in times of crisis. As i type, the realization that half of our life in those 4 yrs was spent sleeping on the ground, defending our food from black bears and our flesh from the dreaded no-see-um and mosquitoes was all in an effort to help our company serve as an answer to that eagerness(Groan).  Interestingly enough the last 15 yrs of my life has “”unknowingly” been about trying help answer this groan. I say “unknowingly” because my efforts even as a follower of christ were often about my own strength and human desire, which as well-meaning as it has been only provides a certain level of relief, not an “answer”. In highlighting the last 4 yrs I can’t help but notice the storyline line that god has been awakening me to the past weeks with this scripture:

“For all creation is waiting eager for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are.” Romans 8:19

Because our employer and other like them have decide to answer that eagerness(groan) Rebecca and I have been able to see and hear it up close and personal. We have heard the stories and the echo continues in the ears of our souls. I would have to say that although the use of the wilderness is mostly for our students, God used that wilderness to amplify and give us clarity, while also stirring in us the desire to “be an answer” in our generation, by giving way to his desire.  It was my time in the charlotte 247 prayer room that these thoughts gave way to reality, as my heart was changed!

….that future day when God Will reveal who his children really are.”

This heart change did not necessarily invoke a gospel presentation of words, (although that is necessary) but allowing God to help us know who we are, then letting that life live out through us more intentionally opened our eyes to how, “God will reveal”. It was there in that place of prayer that who we are(“his children really are’) became more of a priority than what we were doing.  Justice247 now serves as the instrument God as placed us in to call and equip others(you) to” answers the (groan)” while we continue growing in the knowledge that justice, “loving God><lovingPeople, is reserved for the children of God.  For us and you(youth groups, small groups college ministries and the like) that “future day” is NOW.

Answer the (Groan) in Our Generation,

Carl and Rebecca Hart

Justice 247

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Sloane’s (prayer room) Testimony


“I wanted to thank the 24/7 people. the first time i went there i was amazed with awe because it was exactly how i expected it to be from your description, and by the 2nd time i went, i felt that i was exactly where i should be, plus the 24/7 people made me feel like we had been friends for years! the prayer room and everyone within it (including God himself) helped me figure something i had been struggling with for a while. i used to just pray to God, then i started just having conversations with him, now after going to the prayer room i can pray WITH him in a conversation form (which is like a mixture of the 2 i had described before plus some). so i am very excited that i can have that ability now. another thing was just having trust and faith in God and giving myself to him through my struggles and through good thing as well. and now i can do that! i can literally feel him working through me and it is all because of the prayer room, just having that experience of being able to just pray for 20 minutes straight just knocked down a wall i didn’t even know i had. which leads me to another thing i now have the ability to do which is being able to have the patience to pray for a long amount of time.” -Sloane

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Up and Running

Carl and I are honored and humbly swept away by the opportunity to be captains of Justice247. It’s our  desire to learn to live more like Jesus each day, and for our own lifestyle to be challenged as we encourage others to live justly. We’ve had the blessing of serving and praying alongside Good Shepard youth and Bethel Presbyterian youth as volunteers, and look forward to not just more of these wonderful groups but partnering with all churches in our city!

Here we hope to share photos and testimonies as God reveals more of himself to us and others as the enter the prayer room.

Cheers to you Jesus, as we learn to live like it’s about you and not us!

-Rebecca Hart

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